Even when he’s under the weather, as he was last week when he visited our office, Rep. Geoff Davis comes across as very well-informed on the important issues facing our nation — foreign policy, health care, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy. More than that, he knows and understands the issues facing those who call the Fourth District home — jobs, the economy, the environment, coal. For those reasons, we endorse Davis in his bid to retain his seat in Congress.

The northern Kentucky Republican and West Point graduate has put his mark on the district with constituent service that is second to none. He has offices throughout the district, including one in Maysville where residents come with a variety of problems Davis’ staff is ready to take on — from veterans issues to Social Security.

Davis is no stranger to the hardships many area residents are dealing with today as they see their paychecks getting squeezed tighter and tighter each week — during high school, he helped supplement his family’s income by working as a janitor and has dealt with the issues owners of small business face.

Despite being a member of what some have dubbed “the party of No,” Davis seems more than willing to sit down with those on the other side of the aisle and to come to a compromise without compromising his common sense approach and conservative values. He is a member of the Center Aisle Caucus, a group of Representatives who have a strong interest in promoting civility of Congress and bringing the two major parties together to work toward solving problems.

Locally, Davis has directed funds to our area to improve fire protection, house the homeless and improve our roads and schools, all to boost our quality of life while escaping the taint of projects identified as earmarks.

On the health care front, Davis opposed the health care bill passed by Congress earlier this year but is not without his own ideas of how to improve health care to Kentuckians, including allowing the purchase of health care insurance across state lines and tart reform.

Militarily, we suspect there are few who bring superior credentials to Washington. Davis has served as an Army Ranger and taught at the prestigious U.S. War College in Carlisle, Pa He is perhaps the most knowledgeable person in Kentucky when it comes to both military tactics and the political situation in the Middle East.

As for Davis’ opponent, Democrat John Waltz, we cannot comment. A request made for an interview with The Ledger Independent’s editorial board a few weeks ago was not returned.

No matter who takes control of Congress in January, Davis seems ready and willing to reach his hand across the aisle to get our economy moving, to create jobs and move our country forward. That’s the kind of voice and attitude we need in Washington today.

We urge voters in the Fourth District to visit the polls on Nov. 2 and return Geoff Davis to Congress as our U.S. Representative.