We must use all available forms of energy and dedicate resources to research and develop new forms of alternative energy sources. Doing so will decrease our dependence on foreign oil, lower gas prices, and create more jobs right here in Kentucky.

During the last few years, we have seen how gas prices can dangerously fluctuate, which puts a strain on the family budget. A weakened economy and higher costs of living with many more Americans unemployed are forcing families to make tough decisions and dig deeper into their pockets in order to fill their gas tanks.

You may have heard that Speaker Pelosi’s Cap and Tax plan is dead for the year. This plan could eventually cause more than 4,000 jobs to be lost in the Fourth District alone and nearly 22,000 jobs throughout the Commonwealth.

While the prospects for passage in the Senate in 2010 look bleak, enacting a Cap and Trade plan to control carbon dioxide emissions remains a top priority for many powerful members of the House and the Senate.

In addition, it is a priority of President Obama despite his acknowledgement that it will have a negative effect on American families. In fact, he said, “My Cap and Trade Plan will necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket.”

We must also stay on alert for unilateral actions by the Environmental Protection Agency to pursue a variety of regulatory actions designed to bypass Congress to accomplish the same goals of driving up energy prices through the regulation of carbon dioxide. Read more about my REINS Act that puts an appropriate check and balance on this type of regulatory avoidance of Congress.